These 6 People Have Left The Kapil Sharma Show, Is This The End Of The Kapil Sharma Show?

We all are aware that it is very difficult to stay in the house if our servant, maid or relatives leave us alone. I bet you have found it hard to stay in your house once your servant or maid leaves you alone.

Now, imagine there is a person whose servant, doctor and even grand mom have left him alone. I am sure you know who this unfortunate guy is. It is none other than King of Comedy Kapil Sharma.

1. Sunil Grover:

Sunil Grover was the most popular comedian in Kapil Sharma show. He was earlier famous as Gutthi and even then had a fight with Kapil Sharma. Kapil apologized to Grover and called him back to the show. Now, Kapil has called Sunil Grover his Nuakar after being drunk on a flight. So, Sunil Grover has decided to leave the Kapil Sharma show for now.

2. Chandan Prabhakar:

Chandan Prabhakar is long time friend of Kapil Sharma who has also been insulted and called worse than a servant by Kapil Sharma. So despite his long friendship, Chandan has decided to quit the Kapil Sharma show.


Ali Asgar is famous as Daadi on Comedy Nights With Kapil. Ali Asgar was also insulted and called a small artist by Kapil Sharma. Hence, Ali Asgar too has quit the show.


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