Ever Thought For What This Tiny Hole In Our Laptops Is Finally Revealed!

We have been using laptops since a long time now. Although we are pretty much aware about its use and various various devices available with it. But do you really know what all these small slots in laptops are for? What purpose they serve?

Laptop is definitely a milestone achieved in the world of personal computers or pc. They changed the whole definition of computers. Laptop gives a different edge to the bygone computer days.

Small Slots In Laptops

Now let us take a look at these slots provided in the laptops.

Have you ever wondered what is this rectangular slot at the corner of a laptop, besides the USB port?

Do you know what these small slots in laptops are for? If not, then read on.

If you are thinking that it would connect to one of the additional devices provided with your laptop, then you are absolutely wrong.

Instead they are available for security purposes. Now the question is HOW?

This rectangular slot could be connected to a laptop lock. This laptop lock is a long cable with a locking device at each end.

Small Slots In Laptops

Once locked, you need to wrap it around an immovable object to prevent laptop theft.

Kensington first came up with this innovative idea and now they have already installed this anti-theft security feature on their laptops. It is also known as Kensington slots.

small slots in laptops


small slots in laptops

 The T-shaped knob on the lock rotates 90° after inserting into the slot. It can be unlocked by putting the same code with which you unlocked it. The cable could be wrapped around a pipe or a desk.

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