Fake Fortune Oil Found In Delhi Shop. Shocking News.

A couple in Delhi found fake fortune oil packet from their regular store. The vendor himself found it suspicious. He accepted and told the couple to inform the consumer rights authority. They were assured of quickest action taken against this along with right compensation of loss.

The oil is dark orange in color. Its odor is also very disgusting. We inquired the couple about the differences. The couple bought another packet of fortune for confirmation. They readily saw the difference in both the products. It is shocking to see such a well ranked brand selling something like this.

Even though it is not yet proved that the oil is fake, the couple are not taking any risks. They also found some differences in the packaging of the fake fortune packet of oil. It is one of the most used products in daily cooking. From vegetables to meat, oil is important for cooking. Fortune is one of the leading brands in India. Millions of people use their products every day.

The difference is clear between original and fake fortune oil.

fake fortune oil


It is not new that fake oil is brought into the market. Every festive season many cases emerge related to fake oil, ghee and sugar. But the couple faced this problem on a normal day with no festival nearby.


The difference between the packets is also negligible. However, the fake packet sealing was inappropriate. The consumer rights authority should take strict against this scam. We do not know how harmful this fake oil is. Many people might even be using this product undetected.

Spread the message as much as you can to let the authorities take quicker action. It is a matter of your daily food. Before it gets too late or harms someone extremely, we need to catch the culprit.

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