Family Whatsapp Group. Uncle Sent Naked Pictures

The most boring thing in the world is the family whatsapp group. It is filled with boring jokes and pictures. All the relatives are now on whatsapp. They make an awkward group and talk continuously. There is no scope for younger ones to escape this. Most of all the good morning and night pictures.

Most of the people set their family groups on mute. And these groups stay on mute for ever. But, some families drag their kids into the conversation. As much as we want to avoid them, we just cannot. There is always one or other conversation including us.

There are many irritating things that relatives do in these groups. They include academics, marriage, life style, career insights. Even if we want to keep things personal, we fail to do so. But this one family group is not boring. And that is only because of this particular incident.

Family Whatsapp group is the best. They say.

whatsapp group


A couple, Shweta Sangtani and Aashish Mehrotra joined a whatsapp family group recently. They thought it was like any other family group. But their Mehrotra uncle did something hilarious and shocking too. All of a sudden, the boring group became an exciting one.

whatsapp group

He accidentally sent a naked penis picture of himself to the group. It was mistake probably. But, he also tried to divert the members from that picture. He flooded the group with jokes and other pictures.

But Ashish’s father caught him yet. He saw the picture. Immediately, he started removing all the members of the group. Though the mistake cannot be undone, people took it in a light way. Their uncles was really embarrassed.

Here is what the screenshot said from Shweta’s phone.


No one would imagine such a thing in their whatsapp family group. This is really shocking and hilarious. Share this post to make other friends of your laugh too.

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