Foods To Eat And Avoid On An Empty Stomach

People are very conscious about their health nowadays. They strive to remain fit and smart. Therefore they hit gyms in large numbers. Some even resort to Yoga sessions for lifelong benefits without any side-effects. People think that it is wise to eat little food if you want to maintain fit. It is not true. Instead of forsaking food altogether you must follow a strict diet plan containing foods eaten and avoided in a balanced diet.

This balanced diet is a menu of food items from breakfast to dinner. So the question is-What to eat and avoid on an empty stomach?

You must have woken up in the morning, dying with hunger. But the food you eat on an empty stomach has the capacity to ruin or enhance your health.

List of foods eaten on an empty stomach.

Do eat them-

It creates a protective coating around the lining of your stomach which HCl from causing damage to the stomach walls. It also contains soluble fiber which is beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

foods eaten


It stimulates the digestive system. Moreover, it is an excellent source of proteins, iron, and vitamins.

foods eaten

Cornmeal porridge

It removes toxins from your body, normalizes intestinal microflora, and you won’t feel hungry for many hours.

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It can lessen your daily calorie intake by a significant amount.

foods eaten

Wholegrain bread with no yeast

Carbohydrates and other essential nutrients required for the body is present in bread. One should eat it early in the morning.

foods eaten

List of foods avoided on an empty stomach.

Avoid eating them-

It increases insulin levels in the body which in turn increases the load on the pancreas. It may also lead to diabetes.

foods eaten

Yogurt and other fermented milk products

Eating yogurt on an empty stomach forms lactic acid bacteria. But it dies as soon as it comes in contact with hydrochloric acid formed in our body.

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Crude fibers found in pears can injure delicate mucous membranes of an empty stomach.

foods eaten


It contains high levels of tannic acid which increase acidity in the stomach. It increases the risk of gastric ulcers.

foods eaten

Cold carbonated drinks

It damages the mucous membranes and reduces the blood supply to the stomach. It causes the slow digestion of food.

foods eaten

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