After Forth Day Collections, Dangal Broke 6 Records Beat And Sultan In These 2 Aspects!

With Dangal, Aamir Khan has broken all the records ever made in the Hindi film industry. It has become a huge success in just 3 days of its release.

The movie has released worldwide and is grabbing much public attention, both on national and international level.

Aamir and other actors involved in the film has given their 100 percent to make it a blockbuster on the box-office.


Even during such an intense phase of demonetization, Dangal has easily managed to enter a 100 crore club in just 3 days.

It is a huge record in itself. Aamir’s fans are proud of him and no doubt, he’s worth all this attention-after all he did a lot of hard-work for the movie.

On the first day, it earned 36.59 crores, on second day, 34.82 crores and on the 3rd day, it earned INR 42.35 crores proudly entering 100 crore club with a total of 106 crores.

It has taken Bollywood by storm by beating the two Khans of Bollywood-Salman and Shahrukh. Read its record-breaking story here-

1. It is Aamir’s 5th movie to enter a 100-crore-club.

2. It has beaten movies like PK, Talaash, and 3 Idiots in terms of weekend collections at the box-office-PK earned 95.41 crores, Talaash-47.10 crores and 3 Idiots-40.65 crores.

3. It earned over 43 crores on Sunday which broke Sultan’s record of earning 39 crores on the weekend.

4. Shahrukh’s movie Fan did not do very well at the box office earning only 85 crores in total while Aamir’s movie earned more than this in just 3 days of its release.

5. Before Dangal, Aamir’s earlier flick, Dhoom 3 made it to the 100-crore-club in just 3 days, earning 107. 61 crores. And hence Aamir is breaking his own records.

6. Sultan earned 31.66 crores on the 3rd day while Dangal earned 42.35 crores.

Salman’s fans must be very disheartened after listening to this news.

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