Girl Searched “How To Commit Suicide” In GOOGLE, Now She Is Thankful To Google

Suicide cases are very frequent in India. People commit suicides for a variety of reasons. The level of depression in such victims is very high. They suffer from loneliness, stress, humiliation, fear, heartbreak etc. This girl tried committing suicide and searched on Google for various ways to do so.

But the search-engine handled this case with absolute caution. They took right measures on time and saved a precious life.

Google proved that it has no limitations. This act is undoubtedly commendable. Besides providing answers to every imaginable question, Google is also keen on saving lives.

A 24-year-old girl decided to end her life after her boyfriend left her after. Completely broken from the inside and depressed, all she wanted was to die.

girl tried committing suicide

She was even ready with a plan. She planned to jump in the Yamuna river.

Just before the girl tried committing suicide, she had second thoughts for better options.

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