Govinda Daughter Dead Long Ago

Who doesn’t know Govinda Arun Ahuja. He is one of the greatest artists of Indian cinema who graced the Hindi film industry for more than a decade. Govinda is popularly known as ‘Chi Chi’ among his fans and closed ones. He has spent over 30 years in Bollywood. Born in Mumbai, this actor has even made his fans cry besides making them laugh with his phenomenal acting. We know a lot about his reel-life but do you have any idea about his real-life. Do you know that Govinda daughter dead?

We don’t know much about his personal life. He has always maintained a distance from camera and media persons. Most of the time, he loses his patience and had even slapped many in the past.

We all know that Tina Ahuja is his elder daughter. But only a few people know about his first child who is dead now.

Let’s take a sneak-peek into the actor’s life.

Comedy-king Govinda

Popularly known as the king of comedy among audience he started his career with 1986 movie, Ilzaam. Besides being a good actor, he is also a talented dancer, comedian, and a successful politician.

govinda daughter dead

Marriage with Sunita

Sunita is the sister-in-law of Anand Singh who was the director of Govinda’s movie, ‘tanbadan’. One day they met on the sets and Sunita fell in love with him. Govinda too was into her and they got married on 11 March, 1987.

govinda daughter dead

He avoids talking about his personal life

He is very serious about his family and doesn’t like talking about his personal issues. That’s why nobody knows about his private life.

govinda daughter dead

Govinda daughter dead-a reality!

Most of you believe that Narmada Ahuja is Govinda’s elder daughter but it is not so. Govinda’s first daughter was not Narmada. She was dead a long while back at a tender age of 4 months. Narmada Ahuja is his second child.

This news left him shattered. During an interview, Govinda told everyone about the tragedies happened in his life. He said he had witnessed 11 deaths in his family of which his first child was the first. She was a premature baby which led to her tragic death.

Others include his mom-dad, two cousins, sister-in-law, and brother in law. He took care of all the children in the family after their death which led to a great financial pressure on his shoulders and a bundle of responsibilities.

Now he has 2 children- Narmada and Yashwardhan who will soon make their debut in Bollywood.

govinda daughter dead

News Source : Bhaskar

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