Guy Asked Why Indians Don’t Use Toilet Paper And Indian Shut Their Mouth With This Answer

India is an incredible country with a diverse population, innumerable delicious cuisines, interesting places to visit, and a die-heart traditional.

We Indians love to follow conventional methods when it comes to implementing bathroom etiquettes.

English toilets came into existence a lot later than the Indian ones. And according to scientists, Indian toilets are much more hygienic than the latter. Our posture is the best for pooping when we are in a squatting position which can be easily achieved in Indian designs.

However unlike our Indian toilets, English toilets, could be a source of many infections when used in public.

Now coming to bathroom etiquettes, Indians prefer washing out the shit instead of scrubbing it all away with the toilet papers.

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We will notice that there seldom are toilet papers available in a toilet in India. While it is a mandatory bathroom accessory in overseas countries.

Following this, a guy became so inquisitive about thid habit of Indians that he promptly took to Quora for an apt answer.

This guy asked why Indians resort to washing instead of wiping after pooping.

However, he ended up getting trolled by many proud Indians who slammed him in the most humourous way possible. Their statements in counterattack were wonderful.

This is what he wrote-” I have heard that most Indians don’t use toilet paper after they poop; they just wash it directly with their hands. Why do they do that?”

But we Indians are not better than many folks when it comes to justifying our actions. And this is something which is our habit.

Read below how they reacted to this foreigner’s query!!

Here’s one of those epic replies-

Some restored to trolling him.

Guy asked why indians

This guy told the most logical way to wipe that shit away. Suggestions in the end!!

Guy asked why indians

This is the best way to know.

Guy asked why indians

After reading his reply, the guy must be overwhelmed.

Guy asked why indians

This girl’s explanation is hilarious!

Guy asked why indians

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