Guy Took His Girlfriend’s Little Sister On A Date And Twitter Is Freaking Out

These days we are coming across some pretty adorable incidents that have set beautiful examples of chivalry. Remember Mohammad Hashar? The kind-hearted teenager who took his beautiful little sister, Noor to a father-daughter dance and won hearts all over the internet. What a beautiful example he set! Recently, a Twitter user Charlie Egress decided to adopt the same idea.

Dinner Date With Kid

He took his girlfriend’s 12-year-old sister Elizabeth out on a dinner date. Charlie did so to let her know how she should be treated by a man when she grows up. And through the pictures, we can say that the two had a lot of fun. Charlie took a very cute and gentlemanly step to teach Elizabeth a great lesson. But it received mixed reactions from Twitter users.

Elizabeth surely enjoyed the dinner date and hope she learned a lesson. Soon after posting the pictures, Charlie received a lot of comments from the Twitter users. While many appreciated his act, many called it weird and absurd. One guy named Derek commented “We need more guys like you. I am glad she is finding out how she should be treated.”

Overwhelmed by the incredibly sweet gesture, people gave some amazing reactions: –

Many Twitter users came to Charlie’s rescue. They opposed the views of the haters and shut them. According to us, it was an adorable act. There was nothing absurd in teaching a girl an important lesson. And this also shows us what a cute boyfriend Charlie is! We can say that Elizabeth’s sister is quite lucky to have a boyfriend like him.

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