Guy’s Reply When Asked If He Would Marry A ‘Not-Virgin’ Girl Is Amazing!

People in an orthodox society condescend to women. They are looked down up and are still not given equal status as that to a man in some communities.

It is indeed a terrible practice which don’t provide a woman with the respect she deserves.

In an Indian society people still believe that it is horrendous for a girl to have sex before marriage.

Sex is still considered a taboo. Moreover, they believe that if a had sexual relationships before marriage, it is fine. But when it comes to a girl, they make a bug issue out of it.

They don’t understand that it a natural process as normal with a woman as a man.

But a guy named, Shaurya Jain, gave all of them a fitting reply.

When someone asked him on Whatsapp if he would marry a non-virgin girl, he gave the most amazing reply ever!!

guy's reply

It reads-

“Well if you put it this way, I would say character of a person is more important. Virginity would not be a correct scale to measure someone’s character. Maybe she was raped, maybe she loved that guy too much but he used her, maybe the girl had to do it because of a reason worth considering. Yes I would marry such a girl. But for a girl with weak character I don’t think I have to state any reason. So as far as I’m concerned, for me there is no problem in marrying and accepting a girl who had sex with someone, it’s just that the reason should be authentic and genuine. Moreover, it would be genuine pleasure to give a good life to a girl who has already gone through worst.”

This guy’s reply is epic. Hats off to you!!

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