Hollywood Protests Against Donald Trump

The United States of America is not doing well right now. People are on a rampage. Ever since, Donald Trump won the presidency, protests increased exponentially. Even majority of Hollywood protests against him now. Most of them are female celebrities.

Right after the win of Donald Trump, many Hollywood celebrities joined hands with the commoners. It even includes the intellectuals like Emma Watson, Ashley Judd, Madonna and many more. People are going crazy. Thus, fans of these celebrities are also joining the protests.

Hollywood protests



With every day, the protests are becoming stronger. More people are joining the marches. Major ones of them are women. Hollywood women celebrities are active participants in them. Seems like, every one is finding it difficult to accept him. It is really sad to see such disturbance in the U.S.

There is surely some reason behind these protests. Because, Hollywood was never this rebel. The cause is to raise women’s rights and civil liberties.

Hollywood Protests include Emma Watson and many more.


“The President is not America. His Cabinet is not America. Congress is not America. We are America, and we are here to stay,” America Ferrera said in a speech delivered to protesters in D.C.

“Marching with SO many sisters today but my heart is most proud to march with my blood sister, Angela, who has always been my guardian angel. We should all be guardians for each other. I march today because I am not afraid anymore and I hope I can be an example of fearlessness and resilience. I will not let anyone suppress me, silence me or clip my wings,” wrote Katy Perry.

Actress Scarlet Johansson addressed Trump in her speech, she said, “President Trump, I did not vote for you. That said, I respect that you are our President-elect and I want to be able to support you. First, I ask that you support me.”

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