Homemade Body Care Tips And Tricks You Should know

homemade body care

Our body is the only thing that makes our life easy or hard. It is the basic pillar on which our life makes the movement. The representation comes with both health and hygiene. Homemade body care is one of the essential things for a healthy life.

Mind is entirely connected to the conditions of the body. Apart from just being healthy, we need to keep a note on the outer neatness too. One of the main things which give a fresh feeling for both eyes and mind is our face.


Here are some of the tips and tricks we can follow to keep our skin in better condition overall as well as make our face look better. These are easy, can be done right at home and are cheap enough with effectiveness.

1. Salt Soaking – The best of homemade body care tips.

Salt has good properties to make the skin soft and open the pore to breath better. Apply a concentrated water salt solution for 10 minutes to see effective results.

homemade body care

2. Oil and Toothbrush.

Applying any oil on your toothbrush and rubbing it gently on the lips help in softening them and making the outer layer moisturized. Any kind of skin oil like almond, olive or even regular lip balm will work.


3. Honey.

Honey is not just a food product. It is a herbal product which has infinite number of good qualities. One of them can be seen pretty much by applying it on your skin. The rejuvenating effect of honey is like none other and fights acne very quickly.


4. Eye Drops.

Eye drops which are used to cool down the redness of the eyes are also useful in reducing the inflammation due to acne or pimples.


5. Baking Soda.

Ingrown hair is one of the most annoying things. It leads to accumulation of dark spots on the skin as well as result in blackheads on the nose. Baking soda readily removes ingrown hair and reduces dark spots and acne.


While your body tends to heal itself, these tricks will enhance the process. A good body is healthy both from inside and outside. If you have time to spare for these things everyday, the results will shock you for sure.

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