Story How A Cab Driver Is Contributing In India’s Fight Against Black Money Is The Best Thing You Will Read Today

Soon after PM Narendra Modi’s sudden announcement of banning all the 500 and 1000 notes from the market,it caused a havoc among the country’s citizens especially common man.

Though it is a very good and calculated move towards the betterment of Indian economy and getting rid of black money, people are finding themselves in trouble due to the sudden declaration.


It hit them hard on the face as these notes are very frequent in everyone’s wallets and they are having trouble paying back their fares and heavy bills.

No one is accepting these notes, be it vegetable sellers, medical stores, rickshawalas, Taxi drivers, shopkeepers, etc.

The notes are banned from today in the whole country and due to some associated reasons, banks and ATM’s are also closed which is making even more difficult for a common folk to pay back his dues.

Amidst all the chaos caused as a consequence  there still exists some people who don’t hesitate to showing kindness to a person in need.

Nowadays it is very commonplace for people to book taxi for reaching their various destinations be it near or far away.

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