Story How A Cab Driver Is Contributing In India’s Fight Against Black Money Is The Best Thing You Will Read Today

The convenient mode of booking the taxis, the various attractive offers, the cheap fare and good chauffeurs make it very easy for people to travel and prefer it as their priority.

Uber and Ola is the rapidly rising companies for taxi services. The incident is happened with a guy who was traveling in a Ola cab.

Viplav Aggarwal, a resident of Delhi, shared this incident on the social media. He booked a cab from his home to the railway station, unaware of the demonetization of the notes.

When he reached his destination, the cab driver told him about the ban. Unfortunately he had all the 500 rupee notes. As a result he had to pay him back with Ola Money but the amount was not enough. Viplav was upset about how he is going to pay the remaining taxi fare as all the ATMs were also closed.

Seeing Viplav upset about it, the taxi driver said something so heartwarming to him that he could not stop himself from sharing it on his Facebook account.

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