Indian Girl’s IQ Level Better Than Albert Einstein!

12-year-old Indian girl’s IQ level is better than legendary scientists, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Lydia Sebastian proved that she is better than the two when it comes to IQ.

Lydia Sabastian appeared in the Mensa IQ test in which she beat the two legends. There was a total of 150 questions. The maximum score for kids under the age of 18 was 162.

indian girl's iq

And you will be stunned to hear that she scored 162 marks in the test, with an IQ level reaching to 160.

She is of Indian origin, hailing from Kerela and currently lives in England. Her father Arun Sebastian, is a radiologist at Colchester General Hospital. mother Erika Kottiath works as an associate director with Barclays Bank

Her mother, Erika Kottiath works as an associate director in Barclays Bank.

Lydia is a bright child from a very tender age of 4. Her parents recall the moment when she started playing the piano when she was just a toddler. She even started speaking within four months of her birth.

She wanted to appear for the test so badly that she could not wait another year. And thus she gave Mensa exam or Cattell III B paper at Birkbeck College, London.

She passed the test with a perfect score of 162 which is indeed an achievement in itself.

Her future prospects are as overwhelming as herself. She wants to be a mathematician.


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