Indian Men Are Banned From Entering This Indian Village

India is a diverse country with people from many social backgrounds who live together in a community. It is a democratic nation and one is free to trail anywhere in the country. But not in certain places. Indian men banned from entering this Indian village has become the talk of the town.

Kasol village in Himachal Pradesh has become a foreign destination for Indians. You will spot only foreigners in this place, as far as you can see.

indian men banned

If any Indian men drop by in this place, they are not offered any place to stay. These men are accused of eve teasing of Israeli women. Therefore locals abstain from providing them shelter.

They have opted such measures to expand their business. Israeli people are fond of peace, therefore they strive to prevent any kind of harassment or chaos.

indian men banned

Besides its overwhelming beauty and scenic surruoundings, banning of natives from this village is the primary reason behind their visiting the region again and again.

Israel’s culture has a great impact in this village. Hence while traveling to this place, you will notice there native flags and signboards.

The language used in the hotels there is Hebrew which is the native language of Israelis.

They say that the region is discovered by their fellow naionals some 10 decades ago. The cheap stay(i.e., INR 300 per day) in the place makes it attractive and affodable at the same time.

The cyber cafes in the region is the sole way to earn livelihood.

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