Indian National Record Set By School Teacher

A rural school teacher set an Indian National Record. He made 50 Lakh sentences. But he made all of them with only 70 words. No one made any record near to this one before ever. People are starting to bring this person into lime light.

He created a new way of understanding English language. Evidently, way is very easy for even the rural students catch. The method is quite unique and useful. It will help the students to learn English easily. The most common language can now be common in rural areas too with this.

Indian national record


He explained how he set the Indian National Record.

He simply explained his method in this way “I would change just one word of a sentence to form the next sentence. For instance, ‘I am a good boy’ became ‘I am a good girl’ which then became ‘I am a nice boy’ and ‘I am a nice girl’.”

“The process of juggling the words to frame complete sentences got me hooked and even as I was developing the tool for students, I started constructing more sentences by adding few words to the list. The process was addictive and I continued until I had a bank of 50 lakh sentences,” he said.


The sentences formed include simple verbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns. This is to teach how a sentence can be made with just simple words. Now, basic English language can be in our command very easily. Bala Saheb Chavan received a letter with recognition of his work.

“Balasaheb Chavan made 50,00,000 meaningful and error free sentences using only 170 English words,” states the letter.

“Chavan’s approach towards teaching the language has benefited our students. They are no longer scared of grammar as they are learning with the help of techniques he has developed,” said MG Tajne, Principal at KL Ponda High school.


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