Indian Passport Lets You Visit 46 Countries Without Visa

The Indian passport is now one of the most powerful in the world. The passport index published a ranking of all passports of the world and India is at 81st rank. It is a matter of pride and dignity for our country.

There are many unknown benefits of the Indian passports. Especially if you are travelling abroad. You can now travel to 46 different countries without a visa. The win is currently followed by Sweden and Singapore.

Indian Passport


Rank Of Indian Passport with the world.

According to the passport index German is the strongest. The German passport lets you travel across 157 countries without a visa. They can travel to these countries without applying for a visa. This makes the people from the central European nations the most privileged passport holders.

The United Kingdom shares third place with fellow EU members Denmark, Finland, France, Spain as well as Switzerland, Norway and the United States. While at the bottom are the countries Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Indian passport holders can now travel to a total of 46 countries. Out of the 46, 21 countries are completely visa free. While, in 25 countries visa at arrival option can be availed. This improvement will help the nation connect better with the rest of the world. It will help us both socially and economically.

If you are carrying an old passport, you can replace it with the new smart E-passport. The nation is moving into the digital world pretty fast. And India will be the most digital country in the world too. Further, Arnab Goswami predicted that India will be the digital center of the world in 10 years.

In addition to these, PM Modi is trying his best to connect India with rest of the world. Maybe one day we will be the most powerful visa holders of the world.

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