Interesting Navel Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

Human body is full of mysteries. It is such an extremely complicated figure, no one can explain with precision and certainty. There are always some new facts discovered about our body. Here we are going to acquaint you with the navel point of our belly button. There are many interesting navel facts which you must be unaware of till now.

Our belly button is one of the important parts of our body. It has so many functions to perform inside our body. It also serves as a fashion statement. for example women flaunt their belly buttons in low-waist-denims and sarees.

Scroll down to read 8 interesting navel facts.
1. The navel hole is home to 57 different types of bacteria.

This area is the dirtiest place in your body as it allows 57 different types of bacteria and fungi to grow. The more obese the person is, the more bacteria is there in his belly button. The extra mass which hangs from his belly keep the hole moist and hot, apt for the growth of fungi and yeasts. therefore it is necessary to wash it with mild soap.

interesting navel facts

2. There are 2 types of navel-outie and innie.

Normally a person has an innie. If anyone have an outie, it signifies the improper tying up of the umbilical cord after birth.

interesting navel facts

3. A pierced navel

It takes the most time to heal which is around 9 months to a whole year unlike ears, nose and eyebrows.

interesting navel facts

4. Navel lint

Navel lint is a collection of stray fibers from one’s clothing, mixed with some dead skin cells and body hair. Men accumulate more navel lint than women.

interesting navel facts

5. Navel point is present only in mammals

Animals too who are mammals have belly button.

interesting navel facts

6. There is a wide variety of navel shapes

Some are oval, some are deep, some are round and some T-shaped. And there are also some who don’t have one at all. Karolina Kurkova who was declared sexiest woman in the world in 2008 was born without a navel.

interesting navel facts

7. The position of belly button affects a person’s abilities

A woman with a symmetrical belly button at the centre of her stomach is more likely to bear healthy babies.

interesting navel facts

8. Navel point is unique to everybody

Each person has a different navel because of the different bacteria present in there.

interesting navel facts

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