ISRO’s 104 Satellite Launch Is Made Possible By These Brilliant Indian Scientists

isro's 104 satellite launch

ISRO(Indian Satellite Research Organization) is a petty organization in front of NASA. However, it has shown a steady growth and maintained its reputation as one of the most successful organizations across the globe. ISRO manages a mere amount of $1.1 billion against NASA’s whopping budget of $19 billion dollars. However, it has never diminished their morale or self-confidence.

It is the hard work, persistent efforts, determination and intelligence of these ingenious scientists who have managed to enumerate ISRO as the world’s most successful satellite launches. ISRO has achieved many milestones till now and is climbing up to the zenith every passing day. It has proved itself as a tough competition to NASA, to every inch of it. ISRO has made itself recognizable in the world.

ISRO’s 104 satellite launch is made possible by some brilliant heads with their unsurpassable intelligence. Male and female scientists worked together to make it a success. Here are 3 of these astronomers.

1. Dr. K Sivan, Director VSCC

The PSLV rocket that put all the 104 satellites in orbit was designed here. Dr K Sivan was responsible for its centre part who has been with ISRO since 1982. The credit for the software SITARA goes to him. ISRO uses it for simulating trajectories of rockets.

He also led the RLV-TD project and was involved in its design qualification, aerodynamic characterisation and hardware development. The PSLV-C37 launch involved in various experiments. One such is using the IRNSS navigation system for predicting the orbit of the satellites.
isro's 104 satellite launch

2. S. Somnath, Director LPSC

S Somnath is a launch vehicle design professional. He joined ISRO in 1985. He headed the team right from its early design stages to the time of its first two developmental flights.

Later, he was appointed as the Project Manager of the vehicle engineering and launched services management of PSLV Project.  Somnath dedicated himself to the mechanisms and pyro-technique systems of the launch vehicle.
isro's 104 satellite launch

3. P Kunhikrishnan, Director SDSC SHAR

Kunhikrishnan managed the flight certification of all the avionics systems of launch vehicles. Under his supervision, the PSLV project has experienced true glory and completed more than 13 successful flights without any glitches.

Some of those missions are the Mars Orbiter Mission, a launch of PSLV-C19 carrying the heaviest Indian remote sensing satellite. Now he has complete command over the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota as the director of the organization.

isro's 104 satellite launch

We hope that ISRO would launch more of such successful satellites or launchpads and make India proud everytime!!

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