IT Employee Became Friend With A Foreigner & She Duped Him Of Rs 11 Lakhs

It’s very easy on a social networking site to fake an identity. Social media has been misused by some people to carry criminal activities. Cases of honey trapping has become quite common nowadays. Therefore people need to be very cautious while communicating with strangers.

Recently, a 37 years old IT employee fell prey to Honey trapping. Last September a girl called Sandra who posed as a foreigner send him friend request on Facebook. They became friends on Facebook and had long chats all day and night.

After a strengthened, friendship she told the IT employee that she is willing to come to India and asked him to guide him. As he agreed to help her, she told him that she will soon come to India.

After a few days he received a call from a guy who claimed himself as a custom official. Further the man told the IT employee that Sandra has been detained at the Delhi airport. She is carrying diamond jewellery, several smartphones, foreign currency and a laptop.

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