Jackie Chan Floors Kapil Sharma On His Own Show

Lately, Kapil Sharma met a new guest on his show. And he was none other than the Chinese superstar, Jackie Chan.

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Jackie is a Hollywood superstar. He is indeed a multi-talented personality having experience as a martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer.

When he was invited as a guest on Kapil Sharma show, the audience went crazy like never before. It was one hell of a moment.

Kapil pulled a coup when he invited him on The Kapil Sharma show. It was a treat to all Kapil and Jackie to watch them, chatting together.

But you will not be able to believe what followed next. Not even Kapil had the idea that tables will turn for him this manner.

Jackie Chan was here to promote his upcoming movie, Kung Fu Yoga. The film also stars, Bollywood celebrities like Sonu Sood and Disha Patani.

But the show, took an unanticipated turn when Chan floored Kapil in his own pet style.

He said,”I want to ask you some questions,” he said. β€œI know you have produced a movie, you have so many shows. Did you ever think, dream about it that I would one day come to your show.”

Listening this, the audience was dumbstruck and roared with laughter. They have never expected that Jackie would knew this trick of Kapil beforehand. And would catch him unawares before Kapil does.

The episode is yet to come but this hilarious clip is already out. This short promo was released on Sony Television.

An ecstatic and shocked Kapil,Β accepted this appreciation with great delight and said, “I never thought sir! Iska matlab Jackie Chan bhi mera show dekhte hain.

Everybody was so shocked that he watches his show so often. Kapil is indeed a very popular personality in overseas countries too. He has innumerable fans worldwide.

But he was on cloud nine to find a fan in Jackie Chan himself. He was very touched with this gesture of Chan.

Jackie did a lot of fun on the sets. He hugged Ali Asgar and danced to the beats with Disha Patani. Neeti Simoes tweeted some pictures on Twitter from the sets.

Kung Fu Yoga is an multi-lingual action-adventure comedy film, directed by Stanley Tong.Β The film is scheduled for release in China on January 28, 2017Β . And in India, it will hit the screens on February 3, 2017.

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