Jaipur Woman Filed Fake Gangrape Report

Women safety have become a major issue in India. The crime rate against women has reached to such an extent in the past few decades. The recent incident of mass molestation in Bangalore has left the whole country shocked. They were stunned at the audacity of those hooligans who dared to harass women publicly.

jaipur woman filed fake gangrape report

Such incidents have made us prejudices against every single man. We have become critical of every one of them. Even if a man is innocent, we give him a red eye. These disgusting incidents became a core to the problem of harassment among men by women folk.

They misuse these laws for their own benefits. In the recent times, many cases have reached public eyes where women are guilty of harassment or fake rape reports just to blackmail men.

One such case reached to Jaipur police lately. A woman, residing in Jaipur was accused of filing fake rape report with the police and threatening her victim.

She herself pretended to be a victim, lead the Police members ashtray. The Police alleged that the report for gangrape was filed on Tuesday by a 22-year-old woman.

She reached the police station with her boyfriend and told them a made-up story of rape, thus blackmailing another person for the same.

According to her story, she hired an auto rickshaw from railway station and shared it with four other men. Suddenly they took her to a nearby park and gang raped her.

The police members started the investigation promptly but soon enough they realized that there are some loopholes in her story.

  • Why did she take an autorickshaw with four men already traveling in it?
  • She refused to have any physical examination of her body.
  • Why she called up her brother not to wait for him as she would be late?

“All I can tell you at this point of time is that the woman never hired an autorickshaw with four men in it already. Secondly, she was not taken to any city park for gang-rape,” said Prafful Kumar, additional commissioner of police.

They got hold of her mobile call details and thus came across a very enlightening proof. The call details disclosed a number with which she was in touch all the time on Monday night.

jaipur woman filed fake gangrape report

“It was found to be that of a youth who is acquainted with the girl,” he added.

Finally, he was arrested. He confessed that it was a trap to blackmail a guy named Sandeep, a native of Chomu.

“When this youth was detained and questioned, he told us that the both of them had chosen a boy identified as Sandeep, a native of Chomu, as a soft target for blackmailing. The duo invited him to a flat where the girl had consensual sex. A camera was installed in the room as well. At 4 am, the boy Sandeep left the flat. The duo then cooked up the story of gang rape and sensationalised it so that they could extort a hefty amount from the youth,” said a senior police officer.

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