Kapil Sharma Berated Audience In His Show

He is always jolly, always up for humorous talks, and always smiling in his professional life. However, lately, Kapil Sharma lost his cool during the show.

kapil sharma berated

The reason behind this sudden anger is very interesting. It is when actors, Aditya Roy Kapoor and his co-star Shraddha Kapoor, came to promote their upcoming movie, OK Jaanu. A guy from the audience expressed his desire to enact a scene from Aashiqui 2 with the actress.

He said he is a very big fan of Shraddha and that he loved the movie.

Although there are many people in the audience who express their weird desires and ask questions to the various celebrities. But this one was clearly different.

It is not in Kapil’s behavior to stop a person like this amidst the show but this guy crossed his limits.

Kapil, therefore, scolded him for his indecent behavior.

“You look like an educated person, aren’t you ashamed of what you said,” he said.

Everyone was stunned. They could not believe all that was happening before them.

He could not understand what was his mistake. His desire was not worth reprimanding.

He even threatened to call the police if someone tries to show such impudence on his show. The ambiance was spoiled and everyone was in a shock.

But nobody had the slightest idea that Kapil was playing a prank on them all the while. It was just an act and he did so to embarrass the guy in front of everybody.

Soon enough people in the audience realized that they have been fooled. The guy was relieved and happy.

kapil sharma berated

Afterwards, he called him on stage and to fulfill his wish. He did re-enact the scene with Shraddha. Kapil also made sure that he get a gift from the OK Jaanu stars to make his day.

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