Kapil Sharma Broke Silence And Clarifies On His Fight With Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma has been in headlines from past few days. A Few days back he introduced his girlfriend Ginni to the world. After the announcement, he is again in headlines with Sunil Grover. It’s not new when Kapil’s tiff with his co-actor of Kapil Sharma Show has hit the headlines.

A Few years back Sunil Grover left ‘Comedy nights with Kapil’. He started his own comedy show. However, the show was a flop. Even Kapil’s show faced a fall down in TRP. Therefore both of the actors decided to get back again and came back together with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on Sony.

Now again the news of brawl between Sunil and Kapil has surfaced. Kapil had flown with his team to Melbourne for a show. While returning back from the Melbourne trip, Kapil was a little drunk and started abusing his team members.

When Sunil Grover tried to pacify the comedian by telling him that for a celebrity like him it doesn’t suit to use those dirty words. But Kapil was too high to listen to anybody. Instead, Kapil started abusing him in return and eventually ended up hitting him.

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