Sunil Grover’s Upcoming Movie Coffee With D Promotion Refused By Kapil Sharma

It was reported in the recent news that Kapil Sharma refused Sunil Grover’s film Coffee with D promotion. Though the news is yet not been accepted by the show cast. However, the way things are going, it seems like it is a true fact.

coffee with d promotion

Sunil Grover is connected well with Kapil Sharma personally for many years. Apart from this, he is also one of the main characters of the Kapil Sharma Show. Sunil Grover was looking forward to get a nice slot in the show to get center stage for his movie promotion.

But, the talk of the promise did not reach the results. None of the film crew members was called on the show either. The episode in which Sunil Grover was allotted the time is currently postponed.

Refusal of coffee with D promotion might have brought old wounds back.

Earlier Sunil Grover left The Comedy Nights With Kapil too. The reason behind it is still not clear but there was a verbal spat involved for sure. But, later Sunil returned to the show later. Now, he is leading the show with Kapil as Dr. Mashoor Gulati.


Even though both Kapil and Sunil are refusing any statement about this incident, we are observing some heat in there. Lets just wait and see how things go between them. The only clear way to know is to see a good 5 minute slot of Coffee with D promotion on the show later some time.

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