OMG! Kapil Sharma Wants To Take Deepika Padukone, Narendra Modi And Kejriwal To A Deserted Island Along With Him

Everyone including us were waiting for Kapil Sharma to come on Karan Johar’s Chat Show. After a long waiting period, finally, Kapil made it to Koffee with Karan. Koffee With Karan never fails to disappoint the viewers when it comes to interesting revelations by the celebrities themselves.

Koffee With Karan is its Fifth season and it couldn’t get better. This time Kapil Sharma made his way to Karan’s couch and had a candid conversation with him. Kapil has roast many celebrities in his comedy show and it was now Karan’s turn to get some juicy details out of him.

Kapil gets a lot of wedding proposals

When Karan asked Kapil if he gets marriage proposals, the comedian happily told that he got tons of marriage proposals. And if it was up to his mother, she would have already got him married by now.

Kapil is open for intimate scenes on-screen


we all know that apart from his comedy show, Kapil is also doing films.The comedian had his Bollywood debut in Kis Kis Ko Pyaar karu. On being asked if he is open to doing kissing scenes, he confessed he wouldn’t mind.

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