Kapil Sharma’s Movie FIRANGI Will Consist Thrill and Action-Comedy!

Kapil Sharma is known as the King of Comedy in India. Recently, Kapil Sharma is in a lot of controversy ever since he beat Sunil Grover with his shoes on an Air India flight between Melbourne to Delhi.

Source : sekho.com

It is said that Kapil Sharma even slapped and abused Kapil Sharma on the Air India flight. Many passengers saw that on the route to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, Kapil Sharma called Sunil Grover his personal servant.

You might have observed many such rude celebrities when you travel to New Delhi International airport, Mumbai International airport or Bangalore International Airport. We are sure that when you book an expensive ticket on your flights such as Air India, Air Asia, Vistara, Indigo, Go Air or Spice Jet, you never want such rude behavior from celebrities on flight.

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