Kapil Sharma Refused To Promote Sidhu’s Party Campaigns

There have many rumors about Navjot Singh Sidhu leaving the Kapil Sharma Show. Cricketer-turned-politician who has been an important part of the show since forever might consider leaving the comedy show soon.

kapil sharma refused

A show’s spokesperson confirmed the news of his quitting the entertainer.

Kapil Sharma who is on very good terms with Sidhu refused to promote his political associations on his show. This could be a reason for his departure.

“I don’t have any political relations with Sidhu and he never asked me to promote the same on my show. If he asks me to promote his political agendas, I will promptly refuse to do so,” he said.

He also said that he is very straightforward when it comes to his work. Moreover, he told the media that he had already clarified everything with Sidhu regarding his party campaigns.

kapil sharma refused

News of Kapil joining politics for the sake of Sidhu is making headlines. Recently, Sidhu resigned from Rajya Sabha seat because he was unhappy.

Now Sharma has been approached by the party leaders to translate his statements to them in simple sentences. As Kapil have little difficulty in understanding his typical shayaris, party members requested him to do to so for them as well.

“Why couldn’t Sidhu say in a simple sentence what he is going to do? Khata-Wafa-Maza-Saza, what was all that man. He said he was unhappy, that we all knew anyway. Of course, he was unhappy that is why he resigned. Now, what next? Whether he is joining AAP or accepting Amarinder’s invitation to join Congress or staying with BJP, who will clarify all that? Hopefully, Kapil can make some sense of all those shers”, a senior Punjab politician said.

Kapil has decided to do so if they would allow the show to do shooting in the Punjab assembly.

Earlier too, Kapil Sharma refused to promote Sunil Grover’s upcoming movie on his show. But Grover stated this is rubbish.

The stand-up comedian is currently for his new movie in Kapoorthala. Due to his busy schedule, he disapproved Sunil’s request to promote his film.

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