Kapil Sharma Show TRP Hits Top 5 List Of Non Fiction Shows In India!!!

The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the most talked about show in India. The fame of the show is going naturally high on both social media and among the real public. As a result of this Kapil Sharma Show TRP went up quickly.

The hard work and accurate delivery of comedy is the main key to the show’s success overall. However, the show is also running on an emotional attachment with it fan base. The person of interest of the whole idea, Kapil Sharma, is one person to adore too. His out of the way personal behavior with the professional celebrities makes him one of the humblest people in the industry.

Kapil sharma show trp

Here is the list of Top 5 Shows of The Week in which Kapil Sharma Show TRP bagged the 4th place…

Many people are still unsatisfied and confused with the ratings that the show gathered. The Super Dancer reality show grossed a high number of people because of the finale. But, the daily soap show Naagin 2 stands quite below the rankings of Kapil Sharma show.

Even the serial Kumkum grabbed more TRP than The Kapil Sharma Show TRP. This basically shows that the major television audience in India is of household women. The analysis of this week can be used in improvising the show’s ideas to attract more Indian women to the show.

Another reason behind this lack in the list is because of the appearance of the show only on weekends. The other shows appear every day and thus take a far more lead in the list. But, we as an audience know which one is the best for people of all age groups. That is what defines an ideal Television show. We hope the Kapil Sharma Show TRP goes even higher and makes a record in the future to set an example among us.

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