Kartikey Raj’s Real Life Behind The Camera!

India is home to innumerable talents. Talent is not restricted to a person’s age, caste, creed or gender. It is sometimes innate and at other times, comes after honing our skills.

Child actors are a great example. They are a powerhouse of enormous talent. One should never underestimate them because of their age. We have often seen many singing, dancing, comedy reality shows where these child stars own the stage with their flair and agility.

Dangal girls, Zaira Wasim and Suhani Bhatnagar are epitomes of the above category.

One such rising child star is Kartikey Raj. Kartikey is a 12-year-old little lad from Patna, Bihar.

Kartikey Raj’s real life is not as much entertaining as it seems. He had to work hard to achieve this position.

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