Kejriwal gets Trolled on Twitter for Alleging Corruption Against PM Modi.

Yesterday, Arvind Kejriwal created a sensation when he alleged that Aditya Birla Group had paid 25 Crore Bribe to PM Narendra Modi. Of course, no one is taking Kejriwal seriously since he is a known Modi Ji hater and keeps saying cheap things about PM Modi regularly. Kejriwal is busy tweeting and re-tweeting to try create an issue out of nothing.

Arvind Kejriwal tweets,

As these allegations are clearly fake and Kejriwal is becoming knows as a comedian rather an serious politician these days, several people have trolled Kejriwal on Twitter with counter notes claiming that Kejriwal took Bribe from known corporates. Here are several so called proofs of corruption against Kejriwal and his team.

Check tweets below,

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