‘Kissenger’ Now This Device Will Lets You Kiss Anyone Remotely Through An iPhone

Long distance relationships don’t have a long life. They die very quickly and easily. The main reason behind the splitting up of couples involved in long-distance relationships is the distance. It might not be a big issue once you start living away from your partner but eventually you begin to feel a need of having them close to you.

Such things are not possible when you are living so far away from you better half. Therefore to cope up with such situations and make it less intense, Iphone has launched Kissenger which lets you share intimate moments with your loved ones.

It is pretty weird to come across something like this but Iphone has made it possible. It is unimaginable to think that something like this could ever be invented but our generation is indeed very lucky.


Kissenger can be attached to your phone and allows you to kiss your partner virtually. Both the partners need to have Kissenger to experience that ultimate smooching bliss.

While you FaceTime or make a Skype video call to your loved ones living far away from you, you can utilize this gadget and enjoy your virtual conversation with as much kisses as you want.

But how this gadget works?

When you press your lips against the pink rubbery pad, it starts to contract and relax which produces kissing sensations.


Kissenger is thus called because its origin lies in the idea of mobile-kiss-messenger. Emma Yann Zhang made headlines after she came up with her latest invention in the digital world. Right now she is pursuing her PhD in science at the City University London lab submitted this revolutionary device as her project and this gadget has completely changed the definition of maintaining long-distance relationships.

She has designed the prototype for the same. Her future plans with her invention will allow not only lovers but family members to express their love such as parents kissing their children etc.

She is also planning on to insert Turing Tests in this device for all to pass. It will be a new achievement in the virtual world.

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