Do You Know Why Eraser Has This Blue Part Its Not To Erase Pen Marks, It’s For..

School memories are the best memories we have in our life. From our school uniforms to the famous addas we used to have in every corner of the building, it is impossible to forget all those beautiful moments of our lives.

With our childish instincts and naive minds at work, we came to believe everything we were told. One such blunder is about the blue end of the eraser.

We were told that it is used for erasing the pen marks on our notebook, but the reality is far different from it.


It is not true!


It is apparently used to erase the darker marks of pencil on a paper or on heavy grades of paper especially the paper with a rough surface.

The comparably hard surfaces makes it very difficult for normal erasers to remove pencil marks. But the double-toned eraser can do it in seconds and can even work on grainy surfaces.

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