KRK Insulted Vidhya Balan On Twitter

KRK is known as his offensive tweets targeting Bollywood artists. He knows well how to remain in limelight and grab media attention. He is very vocal when it comes to insulting someone. Recently KRK insulted Vidhya Balan on Twitter.

KRK insulted Vidhya Balan

He is very annoying. The only thing he knows is earning money.

Everyone hates him. He often becomes a butt of jest among people. Nevertheless he expresses his degraded opinions on the social media. Even many Bollywood celebrities criticized him for his indecent remarks.

Recently Vidhya was asked with whom she would like to work-Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor or Sidharth Malhotra?

She replied promptly by taking Ranbir’s name. It seems that Vidhya is quite impressed with him. She expressed her desire to work with him show.

KRK insulted Vidhya Balan

She said he is a very good actor and they will definitely make a very good pair. But KRK was already there to ruin the moment.

This is how KRK insulted Vidhya Balan on Twitter.

He wrote on Twitter-

People criticized him heavily after his tweet.

He ruined Gracy Singh’s career.

One Twitter user said that he can join them as a kaamchor servant

He commented on his disrespecful ways of earning money. “Man you are jobless or what?”

Another one who take a dig at him by commenting on Gracy singh’s career. Gracy appeared in lead role in his movie, Deshdrohi.

He is absolutely right! After all KRK talks like a dadaji.


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