CEO Of Levi’s Says “Never Wash Your Jeans” Here We Have Explained Why?

We are sure that you hate to wash your favorite pair of denim jeans especially when you are tired. A lazy person like me hates to wash jeans or denim shirts as they are very heavy and need a lot of effort to wash or even dry. So, here is some great news for all you guys.

Recently, a leading expert suggested that it is a bad idea to wash jeans regularly. In fact, you might be harming your jeans badly if you wash it on a regular basis. If you own a piece of jeans like Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and others, be happy. You do not need to wash your dirty pair of jeans every day at all.

Chip Bergh who is the CEO of Levis has mentioned clearly in this video that you should not wash your favorite pair of jeans every day. In fact, when your jeans is really dirty, even then you should not wash it in a washing machine. Just wash it with hands and hang it to dry simply. That way, your favorite pair of denims be it Levis or Wrangler or Clavin Klein will remain in good shape.

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