Check Out The List Of 23 Fake Universities And 279 Fake Institutes In India

fake education

On one hand, where the Government is striving towards development, on the other, many universities have ruined the future of students. To explain it further we can say that these universities have no right to issue educational degrees. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh reportedly have the highest number of fake universities and institutes.

fake education

In a recent development by UGC and AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), the names of 23 universities and institutes have been found. UGC have listed their names on their website to warn students.

These universities have been declared fake by the University Grants Commission (UGC): –
  • Commercial University Ltd.
  • United Nations University
  • Vocational University
  • Indian Institute of Science and Engineering
  • Vishwakarma Open University for Self-Employment
  • ADR-Centric Juridical University

fake education

  • Maithili University, Darbhanga
  • Badaganvi Sarkar World Open University Education Society, Belgaum
  • St. John’s University, Kishanattam

fake education

An official said, “We send the list of unapproved and unregulated technical institutions to concerned state authorities for taking appropriate action against such institutions.”

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