Why We Lose Friends As We Grow Older?


Friends are an integral part of everyone’s life. We need our friends in adulthood as much as we do when we were kids. When we are kids we had large numbers of friends. But as we grow up the number keeps on decreasing. No matter how hard you try to keep them close differences do come.

But why this sudden change in a relationship happens? Have you ever wondered about it. Read on to unravel the reason behind this sudden change.

Change in priorities

When you was a kid your friends meant the world to you. You would bunk classes for them or get into a fight with anyone. But as you grow up your priorities also change.

We keep love of our life above friendship

You met this beautiful girl in college and fell for her. However, you need to understand that everyone carries their own importance in your life. You need to balance between your love and friends.

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