Know About Love Life From Your Palm.. here!!

Palmistry is a science just like astrology. It is believed by us that God or the almighty plays a big role in our destiny. Some go to the extent of saying that God writes our destiny day by day. While this could be totally false, there are many people who have complete belief in palmistry. Indeed Palmistry can tell us a great many things about our love life.

It all depends on who is looking at the hands. If the palmist is learned, he or she can accurately tell you about your love life and relationship status. Some palmists even go on to the extent of telling you about your marriage and personal relations. So, here in this article our special palmists will tell you about your intelligence and love life.

The first step you have to do is to bring together both of your hands like the person in the picture is doing. Now, you need to check whether your hands match up completely or whether you right hand or left hand like is above the other. Let us tell you about the various scenarios:

1) Hands Must Be straight – You can not cup your hands while holding them together. Keep your hands absolutely straight when you perform this activity. Now lets tell you exact details of scenarios possible:

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