Lover Decorated Car With Real 2000 rs Notes On Valentine’s Day But Ended Up Getting Arrested

Valentine’s day which is celebrated on 14 February is a special day dedicated to love. It is a day to express your love and affection to your loved ones. People give their loved ones gifts to express their love and affection. All across the world, people have their own ways to celebrate this day of love. Some people take their loved ones to dinner date while some go for a long drive. Or some people prefer to watch a movie in their home only.


We all try to be creative and innovative when it comes to giving gifts and surprises. One such thing happened with a man in Mumbai who wanted to express his love to his ladylove. He decorated his car with 2000 rs notes. However, his car turned out to be troublesome for him and he ended up being arrested by the police.

Yes, you heard it right. The lover decorated car with real 2000 Rs notes to surprise his girlfriend. However, things didn’t go in accordance with his plans. Before he could surprise his lady love with his car, it left people on road astonished.

As soon as he came out on the road with his decorative car, people were astounded to see his car. People informed police about the suspicious car. Police were stunned after seeing the car. Thereafter Mumbai police arrested the man and detained his car. However, Mumbai police have not revealed anything related to this matter.

His identity is also not revealed till now. What was more surprising to the police is the fact that how did he manage to get so many real 2000Rs notes.

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