Major Design Flaw In Nokia 3310 Which Can Make It Totally Useless

Nokia caused a stir in the market when they announced that they are re- launching Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 was popular as well as indestructible. But after the launch of android and iPhone,  Nokia 3310 lost its charm. This model was almost everyone’s favorite phone with the popular snake game.

But if you are planning to get the updated one, then you might face disappointment. This new updated Nokia 3310 may seem useless in some parts of the words.

Nokia 3310 was re- launched at Barcelona but soon after its relaunch, people noticed some of the major flaws. And with those, it will not even work in some portions of the world. The updated Nokia 3310 still communicate with networks using old 2G frequencies. Most part of the world has already shut them down. 

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