Make Your Scalp Grow Hair Naturally Using These Simple Tips

Hair plays a major role in our looks. None of us like our hair falling in front of us. Hair loss is an embarrassing situation especially when you are young. There are several reasons behind hair fall like bad diet, stress or it can be genetic too.

But fortunately using some home remedies you can get your hair back.

Head Massage

This is the easiest and best method for hair gain. Earlier people regularly used to have the head massage which was the reason why they had so good hair. But now as people consider it rustic, they avoid doing it.

Head massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp. Apply oil on your head and gently massage your head. You can even ask anyone to help you do it.

Consume Green tea

Green tea lowers the level of DHT( dihydrotestosterone) in the body. Dihydrotestosterone is the reason of hair loss. This means that green tea fights with everything that leads to hair loss.

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