Man Teaching English Grammar In This Video

As a student, we all had difficulty in learning English grammar. The grammar learning sessions were no less than a headache to us. But after watching this video of a man teaching English grammar in his class, your perception will surely change.

man teaching english grammar

In the video, a man teaching English grammar rules in the most fun way possible could be seen. He proved that the era of those boring grammar lessons is gone.

One can teach the subject in the easiest way possible but only few can think about such creative ways to share one’s knowledge.

It went viral on the Internet with only seconds of its release. A Facebook user shared it on his timeline. His brisk and enthusiastic attitude towards his work is commendable.

Personally speaking, I have never seen such a teacher who would turn his work into something completely different. It is more of an entertainment than studying.

His pupils were also enjoying the class. They were repeating after him, making the ambiance pretty good.

He took to singing to make them understand better the typical rules of grammar. He is educating them on tenses.

“You don’t, you don’t write a letter; they don’t, they don’t write a letter; he does not write a letter; she does not write a letter,” were his first lines. 

Then he began with Present continuous tense and so on.

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