Mannequin Challenge On Bangalore Mass Molestation

Mannequin challenge is the next big thing in the social media now. People are sending different kind of messages through their innovative ideas worldwide. The music given by the Black Beatles gives way to the story that is shown in the videos.

However, India also took this concept as the new way to reach more mass. People are beginning to respond to these messages through mannequin challenge too.

But, this time a video of mannequin challenge went viral because of a different reason. Usually, the videos have a funny soul in them. They are more humorous and amaze the viewers with the kind of positions that are hard to stay still on.

A still from the WWE concept video of mannequin challenge.

mannequin challenge


Big celebrities all over the world are taking up this initiative to present something unusual about themselves. It seems to be working really good among the public. Now, lets focus on the Bangalore mass molestation incident which happened this new years eve.

A big mass of crowd molested hundreds of women due to a havoc in the crowd that gathered for celebrating the new year. It seemed as if every aspect of humanity had gone dead. While many do not know about this incident’s insights, many who know are silent too.

But, there is one brave step taken by Autumnworldwide folks. They represented the incident in their own way of the mannequin challenges concept. It really seems that night many people were actually mannequins watching the women getting molested.

Watch the video and see till the end to know what message it delivers to the public. It is a powerful message and can effect a lot of mass if spread wisely. Please watch the video and share it with everyone you know. Be safe out there and do not be a mannequin during dire needs.

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