Meet Dangal Kids Suhani And Zaira In Real Life

The highlight of the movie Dangal was none other than the Dangal kids. The two girls, Suhani and Zaira were the kids you saw in the movie. They played the role of teenage version of Geeta and Babita.

The story revolves mostly around wrestling and every major character did just great. From the adult Geeta and Babita to the smaller Dangal kids, everyone was taught extensively about wrestling.

The success of the movie is highly credited to these Dangal kids. Zaira who played the role of Geeta was not a physically active person before the movie. She was quite lazy and weak too. But, the practice time of 11 months made her really strong.


By the time of shooting she gave a surprisingly great performance. Most of her takes were single timers. Even Aamir Khan was amazed with her skills during the shooting. But, the best part is that she learned a lot from the role in real life too.


She now focuses most on her fitness and discipline. She is more calm than before. This proves that the movie inspired not only the audience but the actors too. Even Suhani learned a lot from the movie. Even though her part of wrestling was only for half a minute, she practiced equally for 11 months with others.

“Never seen such high potential in anyone else,” said Aamir Khan about the Dangal kids.

dangal kids

Lets take a look at the after effects of their role in the movie Dangal. Here are some of the instagram posts of Zaira Wasim who played the role of young Geeta Phoghaat.

Made a great sacrifice for the role in the movie.

Throwback to the worst day of my life! #ChopChop 💇🏻😭

A photo posted by Zaira Wasim (@zairawasim_) on

Carries her short hair style stunningly.

A photo posted by Zaira Wasim (@zairawasim_) on

We really hope that both of the Dangal kids have a great future ahead. But, because of their great performance in the movie, we wish to see them soon in an exquisite role again. Go check out their Instagram profiles and see how beautiful both of them are in real life inside out.

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