Silly Mistakes In “Movie Raees” You Have Not Noticed

SRK proved that yes he was, he is and he will remain the King Khan and badshah of bollywood.RAEES is the fictitious story of a man named Raees, set in early 1980’s Gujarat, India. Shah Rukh Khan plays a gangster called Raees who makes money selling alcohol in Gujarat under prohibition.

Here’s the MISTAKES you missed to notice in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees ! You Definitely Wouldn’t Have Noticed!!!!

#1. Nitex underwear brand

While the scene looks gangster in hood, there’s a ‘Nitex underwear aur baniyan’ ad in the background. But, Nitex was established in the year 1995..RAEES is the fictitious story of a man named Raees, set in early 1980’s Gujarat.

#2. Royal Stag Bottles

This particular brand of liquor did not come into existence till 1995. Given that the movie is set in the 1980s, we wonder why did we see stacks of ‘Royal Stag’?

#3. Bollywood Thug life two people shot with a single bullet really!!!!!

In one scene SRK is seen shot two people with a gun after that two man flying like superman in the air and doing step of soulja boy really is that possible in real life …

#4. Mahira’s using spell Wingardium Leviosa for her dupatta!!!!

In the start of the song ‘Udi Udi Jaye’, while Raees is getting romantic with Aasiya aka Mahira,
we can see she has no dupatta on. However, in the very next scene, the dupatta magically appears. In first scene Mahira using spell Wingardium leviosa for her dupatta in next scene spell end and dupatta back . I think Mahira from Hogwards…lol

#5. Tear gas won’t affect Raees

Well, yeah, literally. There is a sequence in the movie wherein the police sprays tear-gas on Raees and his rally participants. To stop this rally, police leaves ‘lachrymator’ by which everyone runs away Raees very casually walks through it, unscathed, full on swag.

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