Modi Can Be Removed As PM -Congress Taking These SECRET Steps To Dethrone Modi!

Since Narendra Modi’s election as the Prime Minster, India has been witnessing a great change in every sphere. Since 65 years of Independence, he is the first to make it all possible. He completely changed the face of Indian economy.

His huge victory in Varanasi during the 2014 General Elections, hit hard the Opposition. Soon after they realized that they had lost the elections completely, they had nowhere to go.

They said that Modi should not be the Prime Minister of India and put a lot of false allegations on him. They debased him saying that he don’t deserve to be India’s PM, and then they alleged that he is not educated enough to hold the seat.

Following this, when they realized that things didn’t go the way they were planned, they filed a court case saying that the result from Varanasi elections is illegal and Modi should not be PM.


Since then the court had delayed the decision further, pushing the dates forward. But today, the court resumed hearing on the case.

The petitioner accused PM of putting undue influence on people ‘in the name of Hindu religion’. The Allahabad High Court resumed hearing on the petition challenging the Varanasi Lok Sabha elections .

But the counsel dismissed the petitioner’s allegations that undue influence was put on the electorates.

Senior Supreme Court lawyer and BJP leader Satya Pal Jain who is fighting the case on behalf of PM, stated that Modi was declared the Prime Minister beforehand, this had subjected the people to ‘undue influence’.

He said that since ‘undue influence’ can only be made ‘through threat or persuasion and the petitioner has failed to provide any evidence that such means were used.’

“Moreover, it was not Modi himself who had declared himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate. It was a policy decision taken by his party and in a parliamentary democracy every political party has the right to declare any person of its choice as its leader,” he added.

He slammed Congress MLA Ajay Rai’s accusations that people had been appealed to vote in the name of Hindu religion using slogans like “Har Har Modi” and references to “Maa Ganga”.

“The Supreme Court has itself held that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. Slogans like these were mostly raised by the supporters and not the candidate himself.

Moreover, the use of slogans never led to any situation that may have led to violation of the Representation of the People Act or the Model Code of Conduct,” Jain, former MP from Chandigarh and BJP national executive said.

Responding to the Opposition’s allegations that Modi’s expenses during the elections far exceeded the limit, he argued that ‘the candidate had furnished full details of his poll expenditure with the Returning Officer within 30 days of the declaration of results’.

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