Narendra Modi Replaced Gandhi On Khadi Udyog Stationary

The biggest news of 2017  is here! You will be shocked to know that Narendra Modi replaced Gandhi from the Khadi Village Industries Commission’s new calendar.

With time, everything changes and old conventions come to an end. Therefore in a drive to compete with today’s development the organization came up with this idea. It will bring a positive change to their brand.

From the very ancient times, Mahatma Gandhi has retained his position on the front page of the calendar. He had been a face of KVIC for many years now.

Official sources told IANS about this change on Thursday. The Father of the Nation has also been removed from the 2017 table diary edition.

AS Modi is a youth icon and the most celebrated leader among people, he has been chosen for the front page.

Modi’s overseas alliances and his strength of character has brought up a phenomenal change to Indian economy and culture. Therefore he deserves this position.

However, some members of the staff at KVIC centre at its Vile Parle headquarters were unhappy with this replacement. They were shocked to the core and highly disappointed. Hence they decided to initiate a silent a silent, soul-cleansing” protest. All of the participants were wearing black bands on their mouths.

Earlier too, such incident took place when PM’s pictures were added to the calendar.

“We are pained at this systematic easing out of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, philosophy and ideals by the government. Last year, the first attempt was made by including the PM’s photos in the calendar,” a senior staff member said.

Even though they were assured that Gandhi Ji would not be neglected at any cost last year. “However, this year it’s a total washout. The pictures and teaching of Gandhiji – who created khadi for the poor masses and made it a symbol of the ‘swadeshi’ self-reliance during the struggle for Independence – are completely left out in the calendar and diary,” he alleged.

Nevertheless, they were adamant about replacing Gandhi Ji from the cover photo of the calendar.

Vinai Kumar Saxena, the chairman of KVIC said,”The entire khadi industry (Udyog) is based on Gandhiji’s philosophy, ideas and ideals, he is the soul of KVIC, so there is no question of ignoring him.”

Defending his point further, he says that Modi Ji has always promoted the Khadi brand by wearing kurta-pyjama made of Khadi cloth. He has inspired everyone to resort to khadi clothes.

modi replaced gandhi

“In fact, he is khadi’s biggest brand ambassador, and his vision matches KVIC’s, of ‘Make In India’ by making villages self-sufficient, ‘skill development’ by generating employment among the rural masses, infuse modern technology for khadi weaving, innovations and marketing. Plus, the PM is a youth icon,” Saxena told IANS.

In the older edition of the calendar’s cover photo, Gandhi Ji could be seen weaving khadi on a giant charkha. Narendra Modi has impersonated the same classic pose. He is wearing his trademark style ‘kurta-pyjama-waistcoat’ weaving khadi in a modern charkha.

modi replaced gandhi

Modi replaced Gandhi Ji from the cover photo and made a statement once again.

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