Mohammed Shami Got Trolled For Religious Belives, His Reply Silenced Everyone Who Was Barking

Mohammed Shami is a celebrated Fast Bowler who is known as India’s pace spearhead. Recntly Shami had to answer a few trolls on Twitter who tried to morally lecture Shami and his wife. We must say that Shami’s twitter skills are as good as his fast bowling skills.

Shami had posted a picture of his with his wife and kid in which his wife was wearing a nice dress. Some people on Twitter took offence to the dress she was wearing and called her dress Unislamic. Some even advised that Shami should make his wife wear Hijab or proper Islamic dress code. Can you believe it?

His post on facebook today,

Mohammad Kaif led the online support for backing Shami on the issue…

So Shami in reply has come out with this tweet to hit back at all detractors. Shami has claimed that these trolls are just jealous of Shami’s success and they are people who are tired of their boring lives. Well, what do you think about Shami’s response?

I must say that with this perfect response Shami has shut up all detractors and forced them on the backfoot. Many celebrities have come out in support of Shami. Even many Muslims on the Internet have fully supported Shami’s response. We applaud Shami for what he has done.

A supporting tweet ;

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